Here's a collection of links to the official sites of Kim Hyun Joong's most loyal fans... These people- their love and support for Hyun Joong- are simply amazing! Their passion and beautiful hearts have been an inspiration to a lot of Kim Hyun Joong fans like me. ^^

Please note that the images here are just screenshots and may not be the official logos of the fan clubs concerned...

Do you know any other Kim Hyun Joong fan clubs that you think should be here? Want to exchange links? Please leave a comment or email me at :)

Will post more links soon! ^^


Henecia is Kim Hyun Joong's Official Fan Club and is formed around April 2011 when Hyun Joong started his solo career. The word Henecia is a combination of the letter “H” from Hyun Joong's first name and the Latin word “benecia”, which means blessed.

Henecia Japan is Kim Hyun Joong's Official Fan Club in Japan. Aside from Henecia (in Korea), it is the only KHJ fan club recognized by Keyeast Entertainment.

Other groups of Kim Hyun Joong's loyal supporters are as follows:

Kim Hyun Joong Perfect
Kim Hyun Joong Powerful S-Miclub
Kim Hyun Joong YES


Kathy's Bench- The description of Kathy's blog says it all, "Anything and Everything about SS501's Magnetic Leader Kim Hyun Joong"... Her blog is one of my inspiratios in starting mine and I love all her updates ^^
Ahlia - Always loved her pictures, they're usually one of the best in terms of quality...a lot of close-ups too! She seems to always be where Hyun Joong is and I think he knows her personally too :)
Lazerkim - I like reading her articles about Hyun Joong, and I admire her strong support for him.
MurdererQ- Her scans and photos are great and always hi-resolution :)



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