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Here are some quotable quotes from our one and only KHJ which I have compiled from various interviews, messages to fans, TV guestings, live appearances, and other sources... More quotes coming soon :) If you want to add your favorite quote, please let me know. I did work hard in coming up and organizing this collection so if you want to re-post, PLEASE RE-POST WITH FULL CREDITS. Thank you^^

KHJ Quotes as member and leader of SS501:

"I will walk to the end with my SS501 members." Interview @ My Idol Indonesian Magazine

“They’re (SS501 members) dongsaengs that will be with me for the rest of my life.” 

‎"We will work our hardest to make sure SS501 is an Asian and Worldwide Star . " 

"I pray not to release this hand even if I die . I promise to walk with you until the end of time . Because the extreme love can be worn out by time , I vow to keep the beautiful memories and even the days that we cried . ' 

‎" REBIIRTH " is a voice from our hearts .the ideas came from us and we expecting to show a better and different side of SS501. " 

' I am so thankful to have members and fans that always been a very good supporter to a person like this ( me ) . '

“A coward can die many times, but love can only die once.” 

"No matter that if we are at our top or down at bottom , hope that everyone will give a lot of love to us ."

“For me, if I earned a lot of money, I’ll live in a house made out of bushes. As long as there are no cockroaches then it’s good.” 

‎" Love is not formed in a second .That's why I need to work hard to be able to receive that love ." 

‎"I promise to show an improved image each time I greet my fans .” 

"Because it is selected by netizen, all honour belongs to fans" ~ acceptance speech at 2010 MBC Drama Awards 

‎" I don't think we need a featuring though , because five of us are enough ."

"Although at times , we will feel afraid and worried , but we will not disappoint everybody's passion and love towards SS501 . ' 

‎"I would like to have some good fun with the 6th member (fans), our strength." 

"What does SS501 means to me is like a new start that . We cant let us disband . As a leader, I must coordinate everyone well . As a team its easy to disband and easy to say not to disband . So , I have to mediate from within . As not to disappoint our fans , I will coordinate everyone well ."

‎"Frankly speaking, I should be bored seeing their face since we spending a lot of time together but rather to feel that , we feel lost and missing them whenever one of us is not here ." 

‎" Since you were already born , you should work hard to make your name known , help your less fortunate neighbours while living a life that earns respect .” 

"Becoming a great person and getting the 1st place, is really great but it will be forgotten someday...Becoming the only one is really... I am not hoping for you all to buy a lot of CDs..Well it’s just like now... even if it is not forever... it is great to leave some memories together even if it is just for a moment keke...You know??????? Your 1st place is not me but might be just us...I said that before right??? I said that long time ago keke I remember it always...The day where I will protect everyone will come someday and will you be well protected by me?????? Keke...Let’s enjoy each and every day...For the wonderful day everyday keke " ~ message from his Official Website

"I told you all this before right? I will protect you all..." ~ message to fans 2009 interview

‎" So from then on , I worked very hard to live with making music even until now ." 

"Even if I was offered a 100 billion , I still would not join other group . I think it is predestined that we meet and that is more valuable than 100 billion . It is because the 5 of us are forever as one ."

‎"Lettuce and Yoon Ji Hoo is great, but I'm back as SS501 leader." 

“We’ll continue to dream of our amazing future together, as we look up towards the same sky..” 

"I've met them for business at first, but now they are like my family and I need them by my side" ~ 5 Men 5 Years DVD interview 

"Together with the members for 8 years, they are like family." ~interview with Innolife

"Since we've been together for 6 years, being apart from them is boring and weird not having all the craziness." ~Interview for CF Photoshoot MVIO 2009 

"...And also to SS501's parents.. For the reason why I met such precious members Really thank you to you all~" SS501 messages on Parent's Day 05.08.10 

"It's always important to think of the member's health before the concert and that after the finish of the concert, we won't be a disappearing SS501, but continuing to reach out-- please think of it that way" ~ DSP Website

"To members , we really have to work hard so we dont disappoint our fans . lets advance as a better SS501 . "

"No matter that if we are at our top or down at bottom , hope that everyone will give a lot of love to us . ' 

"Although everyone will start to get worried, I want to tell everyone don't worry... Just BELIEVE in SS501...and that's enough " ~SS501 x concert 

"Don’t trust in rumors, trust in the 5 of us.."

“After our first broadcast, I teared up. I think it’s because of that sense of achievement and because I remembered everything we had gone through as trainees.” 

‎"To be the only one not a number one. Number one is a anxiety provoking as it can fall down in ranks. Built only one is just you and only you." 

‎"Even when you are feeling down, you have to live your life positively, that way, happy days and happy feelings will come to you some day." ~message from his Official Website

‎"Although I dropped out of High school, I wish that my fans would be able to attend university." 

“When SS501 just debuted, Kyu Jong and I went to a bath house. When we’re in the shower room taking our tops off and in the mid of taking our pants off, a fan suddenly came with a paper and said, “Please sign for me!” and in the end, we signed for that fan in embarrassment. So now you know why we no longer visit bath houses! ha~” 

“If the members are late, I’ll say, “Why are you late?!” but if Young Saeng is late, I just say, “Oh, it’s okay.”

‎"I want to hear from people that SS501 is a group who tries hard every time." 

"It’s not for Triple S to protect us, it is us protecting Triple S." 

“Although activities of SS501 have not yet been decided, would surely want to reunite again.”

‎"We will reunite together some day as we promised" 

‎"Because the extreme love can be worn out by time, I vow to keep the beautiful memories and even the days that we cried." - KHJ's 'Thank You'

‎"December 27, 2006 Seoul concert, we wish this day to be unforgettable in your heart."

“When I was diagnosed with swine flu, it was a big relief that Young Saeng was with me. When everyone wouldn’t eat with me, Young Saeng was the only one who ate stuff like curry with me.”

"Thank you all the green peas who have continually stayed with us..."

‎"My gratitude towards fans has always been sitting itself deep down there in my heart." 

‎"I will work hard together with my members, and that is the moment I feel happiness" 

”Never once did I mention about my moving out of SS501″

“We have never said anything about SS501 disbanding.. we have not come up with any decisions yet, the people outside keep saying that we are going to disband.. but these are not said from our mouths! What if in the future we still attend events together? Release albums together? What will you think?” - Playful Kiss Press Con

"There were talks where 'SS501 had already disbanded' since our members were moving into various different agencies back then, but in fact it wasn't true at all, At that time we have already concluded firm talks about all of us to hold activities as a group together, which was how we were able to move to different agencies."~ interview with Korea Daily Sports 

“I still keep in contact with SS501. They’re all busy so we’re not able to meet often but we haven’t disbanded. We can be together whenever we want." ~Interview Star News 

" Honestly,I don't think we could be here only by myself and SS501. It's all your love and support that put us here. I've always thought that I am much more loved than I deserve,so I always think 'I should've done better' to you guys and I tried but it is much smaller than the love TripleS give us. I'm very sorry about that. " ~ DSP Website 06.08.06

"SS501 will never be disbanded, so please wait for us" ~ Kim Kyu Jong's Fanmeeting in Seoul 06.03.12

KHJ as Solo Artist:

"Although I have started my solo activities but this doesnt mean I'll give up my roots, SS501 is my root ." 

‎"This isn't only my album, but everyone's album. Today I want to tell everyone from the bottom of my heart thank you. I love you all." 

‎" Nothing is different between Triple S and Henecia .They love me and I love them ." 

‎"I always wish to create new responses. To create song which is unique for fans to listen, and also want to show Kim Hyun Joong's music is very unique and interesting."

Other KHJ Quote Collections:

Kim Hyun Joong quotes from “READY,ACTION” Photobook:

"After enjoying plenty of freedom doing things I like, I fill myself with relaxed mind to venture out to the world. Shall we have some fun?"

"Hot sandy beach heated by bright sunlight
Cool water that wets my feet
As if my heart has met an oasis of desert, it lifts in happiness.
Beach is good.Because it awakens an innocence of the heart and let it smile in joy.
Like the time a boy once was in his childhood."

"I dont know exactly when but I met music like it’s my fate.
When the music flows from the mobile phone and into my ear and penetrates my heart, I revive as anew. That’s how I feel that I’m alive."

"He who wags his tail to anyone is not my style. The one who gives loyalty and faithfulness to someone who honestly treats you with love and care is the “real” one. That’s why I like dogs better than puppies. Dogs are sometimes cold and gives threat to strangers, but in front of his master whom he’s very familiar with, he then opens his heart with no reservations."

“Many eyes that stare at me. If I can’t avoid, enjoy it. By showing something inside me, I want to surprise them. One by one, slowly but something new each time. And for a long time, Shall I begin?” 

“A piece of sandwich on one hand, and a thick book in another, 11 am a perfect time to take a walk on warm green field 3 pm is when you want to take a sweet nap with sky as blanket, and cloud as pillow. Children running around the playground having fun, Smile on my face without any reason at 5 pm A relaxing day passes by like a dream.” 

“Without anything particular but with just wide field and net I become Cristiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messi, Running with a small ball in wind is the moment of freedom” 

“He makes you laugh like a madman for nothing and you can share your embarrassing stories with him, a friend. I’m a prankster in front of my old buddy, friends for 18 years. In the name of friend, there is no age, nationality nor sex. Only if you have the heart to accept him. To be together. Because we are friends.” 

The place you used to visit on holidays holding your mother’s hand. It’s not the same place with smell of fish and crowded with people. But curiosity still awakens when I enter the market. 
“What is this?” 
“It smells good. Is it a fruit?” 
“I’ll take one of each.” 

“Riding the bicycle with a basket full of food in one afternoon.Just for the fun. I turn the handle to the right, then to the left. I cannot help but laugh seeing the bicycle swivel but not fall. Surprised to see that the bicycle and I are very much alike. Like me who is strong in even with a small shock and in a small remark. A mischievous smile revisits my face.” 

“The idea of finding something where there’s nothing is difficult vanished during the trip. The trip that started from nowhere created memories and emotions as I built something to remember during the trip. Thus, I find new me during the trip. Is it ecstasy. My secret list is filled with a plan of the world tour of blue bicycle from Santorini of Greece and Hula dance of Brazilian fiesta to sheep of New Zealand. After touring the world, it would be nice to have a trip to some planet in the universe. When will I make this dream come true?” 

“Slowly wake up in the bright morning sun.Lazy time in bed until it’s time to get up.The sight of the village through the open window.A step away from the hectic life is all you need to do to have some freedom. In this simple self.In this moment, I am intoxicated with happiness.” 

“A person who can make other excited with his stare.He who can open a sweet world of imagination with his quick smile.Someone who can intoxicate others in a short meeting.Most of all, someone with the heart to respect and care for others. Without the scent of one’s heart. He can be handsome man but not attractive. Exactly who am I? Is my scent penetrating by someone?” 

“As an adult, I rebel for a reason. It’s not self assurance. you should be able to express yourself no matter what other says. Even if that belief is wrong, you must understand its flaw. That is my, Kim Hyun Joong’s style.” 

“Passion to improve oneself. Passion to sing at a small theater while singing in the future. 
To become one with the people I know through the concert. Passion to act memorable character. Passion to become someone you are proud of in front of others. Passion to fall in love like a puppy. All of these passions together make me. I breathe today.” 

“LOVE, LIKE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN HURT.LIVE, LIKE TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO LIVE.No hesitation as if never been heart broken or never had fear before…like today is the last day, I will love.From the moment I meet her.”

KHJ Motivational Quotes Collection

"Life is only one shot." 

"No matter what people say about me, I’ll still do things according to my style."

"Those who feel tired should think that actually I’m not tired, I’m just thinking too much." 

"Believe in your future and strive towards it, when you look back, you won’t even realise that your dream has come true instead you’ll realise that you have already walked so far."

"Do your best in everything. Don’t become a impetuous university student."

"Look up at the sky and weave a beautiful dream for your future."

"Eat well, fighting! Do everything well. Blessed are the ones who wait."

"Even if you’re unhappy, you still must actively maintain a positive attitude and live life sincerely. That way, happy days and mood will follow. Because I always follow this hence I‘m always very happy, you know that, earthlings????? "

"My strength is that I must complete the things that I want to. Work hard to amend the things that I lack. My weakness is that I don’t listen to other people’s words. The things I can’t accept, I won’t listen."

"I had a nightmare where I was standing on stage, my mind was blank and could not remember anything. When I woke up, I immediately went and practice."

"In your mind, what kind of person is Kim Hyun Joong? Someone who is sentimental and hard-working. Last year I wanted to go to Tae Ahn to clear the oil, but was afraid that people may say that I was putting on a show. In the end, I didn’t go. I want to become someone who would not mind what other people may say and do my things. Dedicate my heart to other people. I often reflect whether I’m living charitably." 

"Success comes from stubborn perseverance and the tenacity not to admit defeat." 

"I think that there is no obstacle that we can’t overcome, as long as you work hard, you will gain success."

"When dream is coming true, and you feel disappointed in me, even if you’re no longer by my side, it’s okay, because this is the path I chose." 

"I want to do extraordinary things."

"Only people who failed will say they are unlucky." 

‘Only a loser will put the blame on bad luck’ ~ Wine and People

"Only want to be Only One and not No.1 Because No.1 will be replaced and become No.2, No.3…But Only One can only be one person, only one Kim Hyun Joong." 

"I’m not a genius like Baek Seung Jo, I’m someone who cannot not work hard."

In Youth Investigation Life, when treated as an useless son, reprimanded by parents, he remained calm. Later when people asked him what he was thinking, he said ‘I didn’t think that I’m an extra because I’m unique’. 

"Coincidences don’t happen twice."

"Don’t just think about what you would like to try in your mind. Turn tomorrow into today. Instead of tomorrow, from this moment onwards, I’ll work even harder."

"You can’t put aside the past then you can’t breakthrough"

"No matter what difficulties you face, try your best to overcome it and stand up again." 

"Learn to endure, persevere and keep going forward with your dream, then you can hit your target."

"(I) always feel satisfied. In order not to regret hence work hard. It’s hard work everyday but still feel very happy."

"Since you ‘ve arrived to this world, make a name for yourself."

"Don’t be afraid and face it bravely." 

"Like to challenge myself"

"Sad also must smile. Not good also must smile Like a fool. Hahaha. Because when I’m happy, other people will feel happy too."

"If you think you can do it, then you can achieve it."

"Throw away the sorrows of today cause tomorrow is a new beginning." 

"If you can’t do it then you must practice more." 

"When you’re scared then you choose the same things as others." 

"I want to be the pickle in ja jang myeon. Sacrifice the small me to achieve the big me." 

Q: What do you think happiness is? 
HJ: Actually don’t feel particularly happy about anything, just do what I like to do, then I ‘ll feel happy and achieving my targets, working towards it with my working partners, then I’ll feel blessed. 

"I’m not a good person, I ‘m just the bad person who won’t harm anyone."

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4D Sayings of KHJ

Interviewer: "Do you like the nickname that you're 'Fourth Dimensional'?"

KHJ: "I like it now but initially, I thought they meant that I'm like a 'dol-I' (retard/crazy person) so I didn't feel good. I'm interpreting it now as something like 'having unique charms.' (laughs) In that way, I think everyone has some tendencies to be 4th dimensional."

In "Thank you for raising me up" variety show, while cooking he said (Holding a mineral water) "This is not normal water, it is water melted from south pole's ice cap. An acquaintance of mine, he brought this back for me when he went there for research." 

(Again, holding a carrot) "This is also not a normal carrot, it is very precious, it will only grow 1cm each year.(With an egg) Please look at this, it looked like an chicken egg, but it is actually an eagle egg, and it is not a normal eagle egg, it is the endangered species of eagle - Bald head eagle's egg." 
When the host point at the cucumber and ask discretely: "What about this cucumber?" He answered naturally: "It is a normal cucumber, at least I must prepare one normal item right?"

Once on a talk show he was asked, "If you had a girlfriend, what would you like to do for her?" His answer was, "cut her toenails." 

When asked toward the end of a tour if it would be their last concert, he replied cleverly and evasively, "It's not going to be the last concert. There's one more tomorrow." 

"Japanese ahjumma fans often write things like ‘I am apologetic you have such an ahjumma fan’, but I don’t agree with the way they see themselves. If only they could exercise regularly like normal girls do, and thinks of themselves as young ones, it’ll be really good (laughs).”

Source: 4D Sayings of Kim Hyun Joong @ FB



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