Saturday, October 6, 2012

[VIDEOS] Kim Hyun Joong Fancams at City Conquest Fan Meeting by HOLLISHYUN

Some fancams of Kim Hyun Joong's performances during his City Conquest Fan Meeting in Japan...^^ Always nice to see Hyun Joong perform especially when he's enjoying it this much...Rocker Hyun Joong :) Thank you for sharing these wonderful videos! :) 

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Credit: HollisHyun@YT
Kim Hyun Joong really enjoyed this stage...
Hyun Joong, if you're happy, we are happy too..
This is the stage of "City Conquest" promotion.

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Don't re-make any other video using my video!
(No capture & No flash video)
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Kim Hyun Joong performing "HEAT"

Kim Hyun Joong performing "PLEASE"
How amazing this rock version of PLEASE is!
Hyun Joong, you always make us be moved with admiration!

Kim Hyun Joong performing "I'm Your Man" (Rock Version)
Hyun Joong is training his fans the last phrase to sing with...
But he forgot his part!! after then he is really so cute.^^...
His voice is husky and deep as a man, but his gesture is so cute as a boy!

Kim Hyun Joong performing "Marry Me" (Rock Version)
This is the "Marry me" stage, band music ver.
Hyunjoong didn't dance at all, but the song is still so sweet..
Hyunjoong filled his 優しい(meaning : elegant and noble) mood over the stage..

Kim Hyun Joong performing "If you're like me" (Rock Version)
When Hyun Joong sings this song, his eyes became more deeply...

ENCORE- Kim Hyun Joong performing "Lucky Guy" (Rock Version)
Hyun joong! Thank you for your great rock stage as a singer..
Thank you for your endless effort for the drama as a actor...
We make sure that who you are and how to do!!
You are so great singer and actor and our shiny star!!!

Kim Hyun Joong performing "Do you like that" and "Lucky Guy" (Rock Version)
Hyun Joong is Baek Mir, now.
Mir is singing the Hyunjoong's song with rock-spirit!

Kim Hyun Joong performing "Creep"
Baek Mir is the Rocker! How wonderful!!
Hyun Joong filled the Budokan with rock-spirit!!!
This is the stage of "City Conquest" promotion...


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