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This site is under construction so please bear with us. But feel free to browse through. Thanks! ^^

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Welcome to my blog! :)

This site is under construction so please bear with us. But feel free to browse through. Thanks! ^^

Welcome to my blog! :)

This site is under construction so please bear with us. But feel free to browse through. Thanks! ^^

Welcome to my blog! :)

This site is under construction so please bear with us. But feel free to browse through. Thanks! ^^

Saturday, June 16, 2012

[INTERVIEW] Kim Hyun Joong @ Hong Kong TVB Star Talk (Eng Sub)

Credit: TheAlienPrince@youtube.com

Kim Hyun Joong @ Hong Kong TVB Star Talk  (Eng Sub)

Kim Hyun Joong talks about City Conquest, going to the Philippines, and more :)

English Translation by Shereen Tan for kathysbench.blogspot.com and http://babyvfan.wordpress.com/

(I tweaked the translations a bit for everyone's better understanding. Enjoy! :))

HOST: I’m here feeling nervous together with a lot of Hong Kong fans because our guest today is Korea’s Style Icon, Kim Hyun Joong…Annyeonghaseyo (Hello) ~

KHJ: Hello everybody, I’m Kim Hyun Joong.

HOST: As we know, this is not the first time you visited Hong Kong. There are a lot of delicacies and tourist spots in Hong Kong. So do you have any particular ones that you wish to try or visit?

KHJ: Actually, Hong Kong is a place that I visited quite often personally…But this time, the main focus is more on the fan meeting. That’s why this trip to Hong Kong, I won’t be very particular about food or anything else, just hoping to focus more on the fan meeting.

HOST: Every time when you are onstage, you will be dancing and singing with a lot of passion together with your dancers. But we know that this will also use up a lot of energy. So, is there any reason for you to choose a harder type of dance choreography?

KHJ: Many fans commented that my dance choreography is hard, this is what I thought too. However, even if this choreography is of high level of difficulty, I still wish to perform it in front of everyone, so that people will not be bored from the visuals. I have worked hard on this. For future albums and dance choreography, I will study it carefully as well. I will try my best to give even better performance for everyone to watch.

HOST: How much would you rate your dancing skills out of 100 marks?

KHJ: No matter for what I do, I would not give myself a score of 100/100, but at least for hard work I have put into dancing, I want to give a score of 100 for that. However, this score varies according to the my condition during the actual performance, but in front of fans and the audience, because I confidently appeared on stage and danced in front of everyone, I would want to give this amount of efforts a score of 100. As for the rest, I will leave the comments to my fans and audience.

HOST: With all the busy schedules you have, when you have free time you still choose to go out and have fun. But why won’t you choose to rest?

KHJ:  I’m human too, with my busy work schedules, I also wish to have time off and get some good rest. But due to my own personality, which is that I would not be able to let myself rest for a long period. I love to work continuously, I would practice even during my days off. I must find some work for myself to do… If there comes a time where I really get a long holiday, for example this time, after my fanmeeting tour ends, after the promotion for the Japanese album ends and also after filming the drama…By that time, it should be end of December already…Before 2013 arrives, I hope to spend about 10 days to travel to overseas instead of Korea. I'd like to go to a warm country so that I can spend my winter like summer.

HOST: Like you mentioned, you want to go travelling. Is there any place in mind?

KHJ:  As for travelling, of course I wish to travel around the world. But now what I feel like to do the most is to go to the Philippines together with a group of friends I like. Because I heard in the Philippines you can fish for marlins…And you can catch very big fish…So I hope to experience that.

HOST: Everybody knows that you have a very busy schedule to work with. Putting away the fan meeting tour this time, there are still a lot of work you need to deal with. So how do you regain back your energy?

KHJ:  Although my work schedules are fully packed, but for example, I had Singapore fanmeeting, after the fanmeeting ended, all the stress I had before it started just disappeared . Then after the Singapore Fan Meeting, I also had to do preparations for the new album and also came to Hong Kong…And when all these is completed, all the stress will naturally go away. This is my thought.

HOST: Everyone also saw your fit trained body during your performances. So do you have any special ways of training your body?

KHJ:  Well, as an artist, it’s true that I should be paying lots of attention to my body, however im not doing a good job at that. I’m quite hard working when it comes to exercise. For my upcoming new drama this year, I need to strengthen my body, thus I have been seriously working out lately. Recently my body figure, is the best I have so far.  

HOST: What type of role are you acting in this drama since it requires you to train to have such a fit body?

KHJ:  Hong Kong’s TV drama lovers, should know about action movies …My drama this time has some similarities with Hong Kong's action movies. The role I'm playing is very manly, a character who had experienced the hardships of life but also has a soft image… This is a very interesting genre. I also grew up watching Hong Kong movies, I believe that this drama will be well received by Hong Kong viewers. Now, it’s in the middle of preparation.

HOST: There must be its own difficulty in portraying the role for this drama, but why do you still accept this role?

KHJ: I hope to act a character which is different from the past characters I've portrayed and have a total transformation of image. To act as Baek Mir in the drama ‘City Conquest’…I’m undergoing acting lessons now for this drama because of the need to change the gentleman image from previous dramas. I’m hoping to receive the title of 'manly Kim Hyun Joong', so I've been undergoing trainings on body and acting as well.

HOST: Everyone also knows that you referred to yourself as U:Zoosin and your good drawing skills is well known…So can you draw a picture of yourself on what type of person you are?

(KHJ starts drawing himself @ 7:05)

KHJ: Done ~

HOST: Is this during when you dance?

KHJ: This is my pose when coming out to the stage during the opening of the fan meeting.

HOST: Can you let us see once?

KHJ: There is an action like this. (KHJ then acts out, @ 7:37) After seeing this, everyone can slightly guess what will happen during the fanmeeting. This is some kind of hint for all of you.

HOST: Is there anything else that you want to tell your Hong Kong fans?

KHJ: Dear Hong Kong fans, we have the chance to meet-up during the Yahoo Award Ceremony for the past years. This time, I finally came to Hong Kong to perform. Bringing my stage to you after such a long period of time, I will work wholeheartedly to give an exciting performance. I will also have a Hi5 session with everyone of you. Wish that this fan meet is a great platform for us to interact with each other.

HOST: I’m very happy to have the chance to interview you. Thank you.

KHJ: Thank you. Bye Bye.

I'm very happy to hear Hyun Joong talking about going here in the Philippines in December. Hope that will really push through and I also hope he'll have time to meet us fans...Of course, it's supposedly a vacation so we wouldn't want to intrude...And I hope it'll be a great experience for him...hope he catches some really big Marlins, LOL...

I wonder where he'll decide to go...Probably in Cebu I guess since he's been there before..Not sure if he owns a resort there or have some friends who do...wow, some lucky Pinoys are real friends with Kim Hyun Joong...That must be something. I will definitely get starstruck every time he's around.

Anyway, I sure do hope he'll get some rest. He said so himself that he's a natural workaholic. His schedule's very hectic and with all the fan meetings, and trainings for the drama, he'll surely wear himself out at some point.

I was actually a bit concerned hearing him talk about pressure. It must not be easy to deal with  especially since his projects are overlapping and he would encounter different pressures from each project every time. And it's amazing how he handles everything... Just don't forget to enjoy,  Hyun Joong-ah... It's so much better to love what you do for work than just do it for the sake of compliance... Well I think he wouldn't have gone so far if not for his passion for what he does...just that sometimes, things may tend to go overboard...Hope that won't happen to HJ.

Can't really wait to see his complete transformation in City Conquest. I've always wanted to see him do action. I'm sure he'll be great and hot! LOL... His physique lately is indeed the best he's had so far. More so when Hyun Joong performs all those stunts for the drama. It's a must-watch for every fan.

It's cute how he drew himself and what he thought of drawing...Must be HJ 4Dness in action...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Finally back to blogging again :)

Wow, I've completely been on a very long period of hiatus again...I miss blogging so much :(  But I hope to be able to get back to it some time...

Work's been crazy, but I do manage to still have a doze of KHJ everyday through Facebook and sometimes twitter...How I wish FB has a share button to blogger...

Anyway, a lot has happened...the best thing was our trip to Hong Kong for Kim Hyun Joong's fan meet...I have a fan account which I still haven't finished but I hope to be able to share it to the world one day...it was an amazing experience that I'll remember for the rest of my life...and I hope to have more fangirl adventures like that... :) 

I hope to be more consistent with this blog from now on...LOL...I'm warning you though that I'm bad at keeping promises so I won't do that...I guess I'll just try my best :)

Leaving you with a full video of KHJ's Fanmeeting tour in Guangzhou...I'm still waiting for the one with subs...if you've seen one, will really appreciate if you share the link with me :) Kamsahamnida in advance! :)

Credit: MrSosomok @ youtube


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