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Kim Hyun Joong HEAT Mini-Album

Order your copies now! Heat has version A,B,C, D and normal version.

Welcome to my blog! :)

This site is under construction so please bear with us. But feel free to browse through. Thanks! ^^

Welcome to my blog! :)

This site is under construction so please bear with us. But feel free to browse through. Thanks! ^^

Welcome to my blog! :)

This site is under construction so please bear with us. But feel free to browse through. Thanks! ^^

Friday, September 30, 2011

[Message] Kim Hyun Joong's message to fans on Henecia's Official Site (11th message)

OMG! I'm really excited for this album.^_^ Can't wait to have it... Aw, Hyun Joong is working so hard on it... He's filming from midnight onwards?!...*sigh*...Take it easy oppa. Don't forget to take care of your health the way you always remind us to be mindful not to get sick always...LOL, he's so naturally funny...I like what he said: "People with ulterior motives, please don't hover about outside my house" :)... This will keep me smiling till tomorrow...I wonder how he looked when he wrote that.

Credits: Hyun-joong.com
Translation: Wonderrrgirl @ wonderrrland.wordpress.com 
Repost from: http://en.korea.com

11th message from Kim Hyun Joong on KEYEAST site

 Recently I haven’t even written my excuse of being so busy here…because I’ve forgotten my I.D and my password, so I couldn’t write a message... Anyway this is just an excuse, therefore I’m giving all of you photos of what I’ve been up to recently as a present.

Art and Matic are sitting now begging for food
Myself during recording, taken by my manager who are worn out from standing and are going off to bed keke
Finally, the master CD of my second album has reached my hands
Because it can’t be released…………^^ I must keep it quickly into the safebox hehe
For your information, my limited edition album and the first album’s master CD are inside the safebox. People with ulterior motives please don’t hover about outside my house

Finally my second album is done ^^ On 20 October I’ll try my best to make it the best stage. Don’t give ten of thousands of anticipation but please give it a hundred thousand of anticipation. Everyone please do it within your comfy zone of support, okay?????????

Tomorrow I’ll be filming the music video. I hope you’ll anticipate this amazing video ^^ I’m thankful and because tomorrow I will be filming from midnight onwards, meanwhile I’ll watch a movie and try to get some sleep.

So, please be mindful of not catching a cold and everyone, until the 20th, please recharge yourself, because there will be 3 weeks of promotional activities … ^^;;;

Because we must have fun fully for a short time………… thank you all for always giving me so much intangible power during my hard times ^^

요즘 너무 바쁘다는핑계로 글도안쓰고 해서……..아이디를까먹고 비번도 까먹어서
글을못썻어요 ………..어차피 핑계겠지만 그리하여
근황사진세장을 선물로 드릴까 합니다
아트와매틱이가 밥을달라고 앉아있네요
녹음하다가 지쳐서 서서 잠드는걸매니져분이 찍었네요 ㅋ
마지막으로 짜잔 2집 마스터 첫씨디가 드디어 내손아귀에 들어왔네요
유출되면 안되니까…………..^^빨리 금고에 넣어둬야지 ㅎㅎ
참고로 금고에는 내한정판씨디와 첫번째 마스터앨범 밖에 없으니 사심있는분들 집밖에 서성이지마십시오

드디어2집앨범마무리가되었네요 ^^10월20일에 최고의무대를만들어보겠어요
기대 만빵말고 십만빵해주세요 다들 컴피3잔의여유가있다면 알죠???????????
라면한봉지의여유가있다면 알죠????????????
내일은 뮤비를찍어요 멋진뮤비도 많이기대해주시길바랍니다 ^^감사하고 낼새벽부터 찍기땜에
영화를 한편보면서 스르륵 잠을청하도록 하겠습니다

그럼 감기조심하시고 모두들20일까지는 충전가득해주세요 활동이3주라서 …^^;;;
짧고 굵게 놀아야할테니까 ………..항상힘들때기댈수있는 무형의힘을주어서 고마워요^^


Credit: aprilstarr @ http://emprezz.com/
Repost from: http://hyunniespexers.wordpress.com

Fanart by Lina Perez
It is quite commonplace to wish someone good luck before an undertaking. As if it is the mantra to add to, ensure one’s success. Most of us think though unconsciously that saying good luck is akin to summoning all the positive forces in the universe to bestow all the positive reinforcements if everything else fails. We also have matching objects or charms to attract the good and ward off the evil. We eat the right food ,wear the right color ,say the right words ,etc. We want to control the uncontrollable.

But then some people are said to be lucky. They win in the lottery or other chance games , they are good in timing and being in the right place when something good happens .They did not do anything,no skill,no effort.They just happened to be there when all the windfall occured . Know someone who is that lucky? Wish we have that lucky streak ,don’t we ?

In real life,we make decisions big and small . Some decisions are huge . Like recognizing turning points in our careers, getting married , starting a family, migrating or not . These are our life’s critical events. One positive thing is already going for you if at the very least you recognized that they will determine your future directions.We want to have our lucky breaks.

Perhaps it is too harsh to say Kim Hyun Joong recognized the red flag in his life. Rather apt to call his decision to go solo was because he came upon his cross road. Was he going to drive straight ahead ,go left or go right?Decision making here matter of luck? Just being a lucky guy?

Dropping the traffic analogy singing solo is now water under the bridge. It was fait accompli. He has made it -it cannot be reversed. Was it a matter of luck that he was amazing? That as solo artist he sold 100,000 music album on its first week and received 4 awards for it plus topping international music charts ,sold out all the seats for his Japan Concert on the day tickets were offered to the public and more asking for tickets, also matter of luck? Is luck something outside of us?

Tom Sedovic doens’t think so. He of the Sedovic Group in Wells Fargo consider luck as homemade (my version). People who are lucky he says make their own luck by “avoiding costly mistakes genuinely undertand their risk tolerance ,yet take only as much risk to reach their goal.” Though he is advising for financial investment it fits Hyun joong.Did he not also invest on himself as well as KE?

Another interesting insight I chanced upon because I was fervently looking for it my online library (no sir, it did not descend on me )is that luck is not really coming into its own without our effort, rather we attract it. But not in that simple wishful thinking mode.

It is what we want to happen and how we make it happen.

We have to do the works, Kim hyun Joong way. He has the determination, the will power,has the can do and can win attitude, the strategies,the work ethic and values, persevering efforts,skills and execution, the humility to know and acknowledge he still can be a better performer for his fans.We know what he does to deliver. And boy, does he deliver!

According to Roy Fosner ,this is the higher luck-it is consciously created, it is the mastering of our life, the harnessing of the right conditions to be what we can possibly be and to be able to do what we are capable of doing.It is our choice. And we exercised that option.

If Kim Hyun joong is indeed a lucky guy ,it is only because he knew what he wants amd knew what to do. And he did not lose himself in the frenzy of it all, and gave thanks to his supporters and those who believed in him.

In the next days to come, Kim Hyun Joong will be making available publicly his second music album titled Lucky .

Awwww , the guy is just humble . We all know he did not only worked hard for it but he will also do well. #

[FEATURE] Kim Hyun Joong shares his skin care secret to Filipino Men

Credit: Demai G. Sunio-Granali of http://www.pep.ph/ 

Who wouldn't envy Kim Hyun Joong's smooth, silky-looking skin? During his recent visit to Manila, the Korean TV and music sensation revealed his grooming secret to the public and encouraged Filipino men to use skin care products more often.

Despite the growing health and wellness trend in the country these days, most Filipino men still seem averse to the idea of using beauty products on their skin.

Unless there's a special reason or occasion to look good, most men do little or nothing at all to take care of their skin.

Because of their lack of 'skin sense,' it's not surprising how men tend to look older than their actual age

At the press conference of The Face Shop at the Rockwell Club in Makati last August 26, one guy proved that a little vanity can do a man a lot of good.

He's none other than Korean superstar Kim Hyun Joong, a self-confressed moisturizer junkie and an actual patron of the Asian beauty brand.

There was no need to explain why he was chosen as the brand's endorser. His flawlessly fair and healthy-looking skin is a clear testament to his religious use of beauty products.

His love for hydrating creams stems from the fact that his skin tends to get dry given South Korea's extreme weather conditions, whether it be summer or winter. The rigors of a hectic showbiz career, including stress and lack of sleep, also cause skin dehydration.

The Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss star says his best skin care ally is a light moisturizer and swears by a product line called E'thym.

It consists of cleansing foam, toner, body lotion, firming essence and a light moisturizing face cream, which he uses all the time.

Compared to thick moisturizers, light creams leave a clean and non-oily texture on the skin's surface, but work just as well.

Light creams are also usually clear or light-colored and are absorbed faster because of their high water content.

If it works for the Korean superstar, this 'no-frills, no fuss' regimen could very well be the perfect skin care solution for men who want to take that big first step towards younger-looking skin at any age.#

[PRE-ORDER ANNOUNCEMENT] Kim Hyun Joong – 2nd Mini Album ‘Lucky’

Source: http://en.korea.com

Hello to all Henecia,
We will try to assist you and make you understand what’s really happen with all the pre-order and the bulk purchase that everyone is talking about.
For some of you might have wonder why would KeyEast in their NOTICE, wants to do the pre-order and why we need to place the order through several online Korean website. This is because all of the album sales from the online sites will be counted in the Hanteo Chart that contribute to the winning percentages in the music shows.
These big companies do play the vital roles for the contribution compare if you buy the album through the small shops in Korea (i.e Myeong-dong) and yes they offer a cheap price but it would not help much in the sales percentage.
As for now, only a Normal Version of the album is confirmed. Thus, we will take a pre- order for the normal version ONLY. If there’s a Limited/Special Edition been announced later, then we will try to adjust to that order as well.
This time around, we will be joining Miclub, a Korean KHJ FC in terms of comeback projects for Kim Hyun Joong. You can refer to their invitation HERE and I will assist you on how you can actually participate in the projects through Henecia (Kim Hyun Joong’s fans club) .
Since this is a pre-order and we’re also dealing in securing good purchase by weeks, there’s tendency that you will receive the album LATER compare when you’re buying with other k-pop stores, online websites or personal seller. So, if you think you can’t handle the HEAT of holding “LUCKY” for too long, we advise you to purchase with those stores.
And for those who willing to accept the consequences (TQVM!!!), don’t worry, we will update you from time to time WHEN you will receive the album. =)
1. The Album: ‘LUCKY’
Kim Hyun Joong - 2nd Mini Album ‘LUCKY’ + Poster.
01. Do you like that
02. Lucky Guy – 타이틀
03. Smile
04. 나는 네 남자야 (I’m your man)
05. U
06. Lucky Guy (inst.)
  • Album + shipping + poster ‘in-tube’ = RM85 / USD 29
2. Banking Details:
  • Name: Nurul Sharina Nasir
  • Maybank MALAYSIA Berhad : 164333279301
  • Swift Bank Code : MBBEMYKL
  • Extremely PROHIBITED cross-transfer banking as it will be hard to trace your money.
  • If you can’t transfer it online, you might want to consider to transfer/bank-in the money at the bank counter. Appreciate if you can scan or snap the slip :)
  3. Details of Purchase
  • Sent me the details of your order to:
  • Email: [nurulsharinanasir@yahoo.com]
  • Subject: [Your Name] Pre-Order album KHJ’s “Lucky”
with the following info:
1) Quantity of the album:
2) Name:
3) Address:
4) Contact number:
5) Poster (folded/tube) [if you choose mail method]:
After transaction:
i) Amount transferred:
ii) Date & time of transfer:
iii) Deposit bank:
  • Please provide us , proof of the transaction so that we can confirm you order and the transaction.
  • If there’s no proof or it’s not clear stated that you made the payment, we will not accept the order.
  • We will be very strict this time. So please follow the instructions carefully ^^ 
4. Extra(s)
  • [ 8th October 2011, 11.59pm Korean time]
*all payment should reach us as the above dateline for us to proceed with your pre-order*
  • Further inquiries email it to us [nurulsharinanasir@yahoo.com].
  • I will update if there is further news or info about this.
Question & Answer:
1. Is there any Limited Edition for “LUCKY”?
- There’s no Limited Edition so far for “LUCKY. If there is, we will inform all of you about it.
2. Will the album count towards Hanteo Chart?
YES. The album sales here will count up in the Hanteo Chart. No need to worry.
3. When will receive the album?
- Estimation would be around 3 weeks after the release. We also hope it would be sooner but lets faced the reality shall we.
4. Who is Miclub?
- Miclub is one of the KHJ Korea FC that’s been supporting him for all these while. They made a numerous donation, project supports and also been supporting high and low for our HJ. You can click HEREHEREHERE and HERE for the project supports that they have done for the previous ‘Playful Kiss’ & ‘Break Down’ promotion. In order to prepare like that, a big sum of money is needed. So, let’s help each other for the one MAIN objective towards KIM HYUN JOONG.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

[KeyEast Notice] Kim Hyun Joong - 2nd mini album ‘LUCKY’ sale and pre-order information

CREDITS: KEYEAST + wonderrrland.wordpress.com (Translation)
Repost from: luxmae.blogspot.com

Kindly re-post with full credits:)

OMG! This is unbelievable. I've been looking forward to his 2nd mini-album since forever but I never thought it would be named after me. :) Well, of course it's just a coincidence. But I'm still so happy... Wow, who's the Lucky Girl, oppa?... Can't wait for this. :)

~ ~ ~
Hello, this is Keyeast.

The refreshing wind is gradually becoming more intense in this wind.
We hope that the fans will take care of their health during this change of season and have an energetic autumn.

We will now deliver the much anticipated news of Kim Hyun Joong’s comeback to the fans.
Kim Hyun Joong’s second mini album ‘LUCKY’ will be released on the upcoming 11 October.
Through the online sites, the song will be released on the 11th at 00:00 KST
Offline sales of the album can also be purchased at the record stores (on 11 October as well)

From the 29 September 3pm onwards, official pre-order of the album will begin,
Please check with the respective sites and stores that we are collaborating with.

With regards to Kim Hyun Joong’s second mini album ‘LUCKY’, we ask the fans for a lot of your attention and love.

Thank you very much.

- Pre-order period: 29 October 2011 3pm (Thursday) ~ 10 October (Monday)
- Pre-order sites: Synnara, YES24, Hottracks, Inter-park, Evan Records, Aladdin, Apple Music, Lee’s Music, Cooki Music, Libro, Music land, Music and plus, Music Korea, other domestic/offline stores etc.

Kim Hyun Joong’s second mini album ‘LUCKY’ Track List:

01. Do you like that
02. Lucky Guy
03. Smile
04. I’m your man
05. U
06. Lucky Guy(Instrumental)

Following Asia’s top entertainment Kim Hyun Joong’s first mini album, the second mini album will make a comeback in the music scene once again. For this second mini labum, the title song will be ‘Lucky Guy’ and there will be a total of 6 tracks.

STEVEN LEE who have participated in the first mini album as well as a new collaboration with Taewan a.k.a C-Luv will be part of the production of the album and taking care of the finishing touches to make it a great album for all the fans.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[FEATURE] Kim Hyun Joong Motivational Quotes Collection

Translated by: khjgalaxy.blogspot.com [Note: I just translated some, not all]

Life is only one shot.

No matter what people say about me, I’ll still do things according to my style.

Those who feel tired should think that actually I’m not tired, I’m just thinking too much.

Believe in your future and strive towards it, when you look back, you won’t even realise that your dream has come true instead you’ll realise that you have already walked so far.

Do your best in everything. Don’t become a impetuous university student.

Look up at the sky and weave a beautiful dream for your future.

Eat well, fighting! Do everything well. Blessed are the ones who wait.

Even if you’re unhappy, you still must actively maintain a positive attitude and live life sincerely. That way, happy days and mood will follow. Because I always follow this hence I ‘m always very happy, you know that, earthlings?????

My strength is that I must complete the things that I want to. Work hard to amend the things that I lack. My weakness is that I don’t listen to other people’s words. The things I can’t accept, I won’t listen.

I had a nightmare where I was standing on stage, my mind was blank and could not remember anything. When I woke up, I immediately went and practice.

In your mind, what kind of person is Kim Hyun Joong? Someone who is sentimental and hard-working. Last year I wanted to go to Tae Ahn to clear the oil, but was afraid that people may say that I was putting on a show. In the end, I didn’t go. I want to become someone who would not mind what other people may say and do my things. Dedicate my heart to other people. I often reflect whether I’m living charitably.

Success comes from stubborn perseverance and the tenacity not to admit defeat.

I think that there is no obstacle that we can’t overcome, as long as you work hard, you will gain success.

When dream is coming true, and you feel disappointed in me, even if you’re no longer by my side, it’s okay, because this is the path I chose.

I want to do extraordinary things.

Only people who failed will say they are unlucky.

Only want to be Only One and not No.1 Because No.1 will be replaced and become No.2, No.3…But Only One can only be one person, only one Kim Hyun Joong.

I’m not a genius like Baek Seung Jo, I’m someone who cannot not work hard.

In Youth Investigation Life, when treated as an useless son, reprimanded by parents, he remained calm. Later when people asked him what he was thinking, he said ‘I didn’t think that I’m an extra because I’m unique’.

Coincidences don’t happen twice.

Don’t just think about what you would like to try in your mind. Turn tomorrow into today. Instead of tomorrow, from this moment onwards, I’ll work even harder.

You can’t put aside the past then you can’t breakthrough

No matter what difficulties you face, try your best to overcome it and stand up again.

Learn to endure, persevere and keep going forward with your dream, then you can hit your target.

(I) always feel satisfied. In order not to regret hence work hard. It’s hard work everyday but still feel very happy.

Since you ‘ve arrived to this world,make a name for yourself.

Don’t be afraid and face it bravely.

Like to challenge myself

Sad also must smile. Not good also must smile Like a fool. Hahaha. Because when I’m happy, other people will feel happy too.

If you think you can do it, then you can achieve it.

Throw away the sorrows of today cause tomorrow is a new beginning.

If you can’t do it then you must practice more.

When you’re scared then you choose the same things as others.

I want to be the pickle in ja jang myeon. Sacrifice the small me to achieve the big me.

Q: What do you think happiness is? A: Actually don’t feel particularly happy about anything, just do what I like to do, then I ‘ll feel happy and achieving my targets, working towards it with my working partners, then I’ll feel blessed.

I’m not a good person, I ‘m just the bad person who won’t harm anyone.

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong @ POJO Stadium for Soccer Match on TV Daily [11.09.27]

Credit: TV Daily + leenongkan2@yt
Repost from:  hyunjoongkajeablover.blogspot.com

Hyun Joong Cut

Full Video

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong covers front page of Hong Kong when he just had a transit

Credit: dkpopnews.net
Source: news.nate.com/view/20...
Translated by: Hancinema.net

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong is going to release his second album and will be active in Asia on a large scale.

His management Key East said, "Work on his second album has been completed about halfway. It is going to be released in October and there will be a fan meeting as well as a concert in Japan and other Asian countries. He should be very busy traveling around Asia until December".

Currently, Kim Hyun-joong is going back and forth China and Japan, active in concerts and advertisements. His every move is being reported in live time in China. In fact, he flew through Hong Kong from China to get to Japan for a presentation on the 19th, but he was very surprised at the hundreds of reporters that gathered to see him there. The Hong Kong Sun Daily, Bingwa Daily, Dong Bang Daily and others took great interest in his airport fashion and made news of his visit, front page.

His management said, "Kim Hyun-joong is getting closer to the fans by being active as a singer. He shows greed in his album so we will concentrate on Asia this year. He should return as an actor next year". #

[Pics] KHJ @ FC Men's Match [11.09.27]

Credit as tagged
Repost from: hyunjoongkajeablover.blogspot.com

More KHJ pics from today's FC Men Soccer game :)

Credit: yfrog.com/kgl2fucj

[Pics] Kim Hyun Joong @ FC Men Soccer Match [11.09.27]

Credit as tagged
Repost from: hyunjoongkajeablover.blogspot.com/

Kim Hyun Joong at today's FC Men Soccer game. I just don't have the details yet, but here are some pics. :) Will search for more ^_^

[PIC] Kim Hyun Joong @ KAN Fun Magazine Vol.22

Credit: Samikichi
Repost from: luxmae.blogspot.com

[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong feature in Josei Jishin

Credit: blog.daum.net/elley0606 
Please don't repost on any JAPANESE web sites for a while.


Monday, September 26, 2011

[SCANS] KHJ Mag Scans from Hanryu Pia Mag & Wink Up Vol. 007

Credit: hi.baidu.com/murdererq/  
Repost from: hyunjoongkajeablover.blogspot.com/
Please repost as is and with full credits :)

Kim Hyun Joong Magazine Scans from Hanryu Pia - 10/31/2011

Plus a magazine scan from Wink Up Vol.007...


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